China Law & Reference

China Law & Reference – the essential online legal database that enables professionals to navigate China’s complex legal environment with ease and authority.

China Law & Reference merges a meticulously researched online legal database with Wolters Kluwer’s acclaimed international legal resources. The powerful intuitive search functionality combined with the unrivalled content coverage allows for easy searching of relevant legislation, cases, commentary, treaties, breaking news and industry trends. The authoritative commentary provides detailed information and in depth analysis that allow the practitioner to make decisions with confidence whilst daily updates ensure currency and continue the market leading coverage.

With China Law & Reference, you can:

• Access all the LAWS, REGULATIONS and CASES issued by the central and 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China since 1949 quickly and easily.

• Keep Track of the Latest Regulatory Changes. Our dedicatedteam tracks regulatory changes and keeps you informed with bilingual Daily News Alerts on the latest regulatory developments, industry trends and breaking cases with sources and related information, emailed directly to you.

• Utilise our quick and expert TRANSLATION SERVICES. Wolters Kluwer’s dedicated translation team has a trusted reputation for translation excellence.

• Benefit from COMMENTARY by respected industry experts,providing valuable insight on laws and regulations, practice guidance, tips, templates, tools and examples.

Key Features & Benefits

◆ Market leading coverage with a searchable library of over 2,000,000 laws, regulations and cases from a single source
◆ Daily updating ensures currency of content
◆ Bilingual daily news and case studies alerts keep users informed
◆ Practical commentary from respected expert authors adds relevant insight
◆ Accurate English translation
◆ Search platform that is intuitive and user-friendly
◆ Multi-dimensional filters eliminate non-relevant results ensuring focused research
◆ Powerful advanced search for more precise results
◆ Accurate validity label for legislation
◆ Convenient related material links helps reduce research time and cross-referencing errors
◆ Easy-to-access document management tool helps organize workflow
◆ Read selected content for free and customize homepage content to suit your needs



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